Saucony Creek Brewing Co

Saucony Creek Brewing Company is a forward-thinking craft brewery proudly fashioning hyper-local adventurous beers in an effort to keep glass-clinking camaraderie alive and well. We’ve recognized that a truly spectacular beer possesses the power to erase all boundaries and unify individuals no matter what their differences may be. Through our network of fellow brewers, farmers, craftsmen, adventurers, strangers who have become family, and heaps of global experiences that mold our like-minded cultures and lifestyles with together with all who sip our beers and we have named our friends.

In an industry where newbies continue to emerge and strive for originality, Saucony Creek Brewing Company is destined to break the mold with authentic, small-batch creations accented by an open-minded, “say we won’t” type of attitude. Despite our tiny town presence, there’s a world of passion and experience dripping from each Saucony sip.


15032 Kutztown Road
Kutztown, PA 19530
Phone: (610) 683-3128