HiJinx Brewing Company

HiJinx Brewing Company was born out of a fierce passion for great beer. The HiJinx crew’s dedication to quality and their willingness to experiment make for some tasty and unique beers. From the traditional to the exotic, their passion for beer knows no limits.

The concept for HiJinx began in 2007 when founder, Curt Keck, was brewing up a batch of homebrew and imbibing in his garage with some friends. One of the group suggested that he open up a brewery to share the product of his passion with the masses. After some coaxing and a few more pints, Curt agreed and said that the brewery needed a name. He insisted that the brewery have a name that spoke to the HiJinx that took place in his garage. There was a simultaneous eureka expression on the faces of everyone present…and HiJinx was born.

In early 2011, the licensing process began and in November of 2011 it became official. Brewing began on a 1-barrel brewing system in the very same cozy 400 square foot garage where the idea was born. After brewing there for 2 years, the HiJinx crew made the decision to expand and share their beers with a larger audience. In 2014, HiJinx Brewing Company made the move to a 4,000 square foot facility, producing on a 10-barrel brewing system. There is also a tasting room that allows the craft beer lover to come to the source and try the delicious HiJinx beers.

Come visit us at the tasting room!


905 Harrison Street, Suite 111
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (484) 714-0080
Website: http://hijinxbrewing.com