Cave Brewing

Cave Brewing is a nano brewery cultivating Artisan Ales & Lagers in the Lehigh Valley on a unique five-barrel system. In 2015, co-owners Jeff and Alison Bonner founded the brewery around the concept of Evolving Beer. In a nutshell, we take great beer styles and give it a modern interpretation. Jeff started brewing in 1989 during the early days of craft brewing movement in USA and more recently has left his nuclear engineering job to go “all in.” Cave believes balance is what is often missing in the marketplace and is on a mission to create highly drinkable beers that are rooted in tradition but “tweaked” for drinkability with modern ingredients. The brewery is located on 5-acre property using a 300-foot-deep well that delivers delicious, chemical and additive free water.


3300 Lehigh Street, Suite 708
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (610) 739-1381