Keystone Pub Bethlehem

In 1806, a gentleman by the name of George Butz erected a grist mill along the Nancy Run. Soon after, many homes sprung up around the old mill, and the area became known as Butztown. The mill was purchased by R. T. Schweitzer who converted it into a hotel he named the Butztown Hotel.

In the 1950′s Howard Searfass purchased the hotel. He would play penny-ante poker with his friends while his daughters would tend the bar. Later on, Charles and Nancy Eyster purchased the hotel and the name “The Butz” would be heard around the township. In 2000, “The Butz” became the Keystone Pub. For over 200 years the tradition of making new friendscontinues, so, please join us in making friends at the best pub Lehigh Valley.


3259 Easton Ave
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Phone: (610) 814-0400

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