Curious Goods at the Bake Oven Inn

Nestled just below the famous Bake Oven Knob, from which the original inn gets its name, awaits a delicious sampling of Curious Goods. Join us for a truly unique, intimate farm-to-table dining experience in our historic country inn, located in the midst of rural farm & horse country.After nearly twenty plus years in the restaurant business, Chef Mark Muszynski and his wife Catherine opened Curious Goods at The Bake Oven Inn in 2008. The Bake Oven Inn was originally built in 1895 and during its early years served as a favorite drinking establishment for local farmers. Today, Curious Goods honors that tradition with our entirely Farm-to-Table menu and casual fine dining environment.Fresh local ingredients are harvested just hours before they arrive at the restaurant, making this a truly unique and special Farm-to-Table experience. Over twenty local farmers and butchers supply our Kitchen with fresh ingredients all year round. Many of these farms grow ingredients specifically for Curious Goods to our specifications. Chef Mark’s Farm-to-Table menu focuses on these seasonally and locally available ingredients combined with classic cooking techniques….American cuisine with a “curious” twist. To further the Farm-to-Table experience for our guests, and to support our local community of farmers, Curious Goods at the Bake Oven Inn is a partner in the Buy Fresh, Buy Local program. By working closely with our local farms and wineries, we can achieve unprecedented dishes that are simply not available elsewhere.

The seasonal ebb and flow of local goods helps to shape our menu, keeping things fresh and interesting. And our close ties to the local farming community allow us to source the unique ingredients that continue to create our signature curious twist.


7705 Bake Oven Road
Germansville, PA 18053
Phone: (610) 760-8580

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