The Colony Meadery

We make the boldest and most innovative meads in the world. Whether sweet or dry, fruity or hoppy, spicy or subtle, our beverages stand out for their craftsmanship and flavor.

About Mead

One of the oldest beverages in human history, mead is made from fermenting honey. It was found in Egyptian tombs and Viking societies, and its presence in Ireland is the root of the term “honeymoon” (it was associated with fertility, and so considered a good thing to drink shortly post-marriage).

There are different ways of making and flavoring mead, from sweet to bone-dry and from thick to crisp. The Colony is proud to be a part of the growing mead culture as this very old beverage comes back to the American table in a very new way.


905 Harrison Street, Suite 115
Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (855) 632-3669

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