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Stay Tuned, we are planning our opening night celebration, details and a press release coming shortly !
Christopher Bowen- President of LVBW 2017

Media Advisory – February 13, 2015

Lehigh Valley Beer Week Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2015

Who: Lehigh Valley Beer Week

What: The kick off celebration featuring a ribbon cutting and the first tapping of the official beer of Lehigh Valley Beer Week, “LVBW3”

When: Sunday, Feb. 15 at 1pm

Where: Allentown Brew Works 812 W. Hamilton St.

Why: Join homebrewer Jim Yergey and Fegley’s brewery staff as they tap “LVBW3” – Yergey’s winning homebrew from “The Be Our Brewer for a Day” festival. Jim brewed the imperial IPA alongside Fegley’s brewery team in January.

Beerman (Fegley’s Brew Works mascot) will be handing out samples to the crowd and will pass around the symbol for Lehigh Valley Beer Week, a historic Mash Rake.

Expected in attendance will be Jim Yergey, Fegley’s Brew Master Beau Baden, LVBW President Jesse Albertson, as well as many owners and representatives from more than 50 Lehigh Valley Beer Week participating establishments and PA breweries.

This is the third year for Lehigh Valley Beer Week: a celebration of craft beer throughout the Valley February 15 – 22.


For Immediate Release –  January, 2015

Local homebrewer to Brew a Winner!

On Wednesday, January 14th the winning home brewed beer from Lehigh Valley Beer Week’s ‘Be Our Brewer’ competition will be brewed at Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works. Fegley’s Brew Master Beau Baden will be joined by winning homebrewer, Jim Yergey to brew his winning Imperial IPA “Hoptileitious”. Lehigh Valley Beer Week will name that beer LVBW3, the official beer of Lehigh Valley Beer Week, Feb 15-22.

Lehigh Valley Beer Week hosted their yearly ‘Be Our Brewer For a Day’ competition this past August 23rd at the Allentown Brew Works. Over 40 homebrewers came out to compete and more than 300 attendees voted for their favorite homebrew. Yergey’s “Hoptileitious” won the public vote.

“Hoptileitious” will be renamed “LVBW3” and will be available to Lehigh Valley Beer Week participating bars, restaurants and distributors to serve on draft. The first taste of this brew will occur at the Third Annual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Official Tapping at the Allentown Brew Works on February 15th at 1pm.

Jim Yergey has been a homebrewer for the more than 20 years and is a member of the Lehigh Valley Homebrewer’s Club. When asked to describe the winning brew, Jim said, “I wanted to make a strong IPA that had a big citrus front end, plenty of bitterness in the finish, but a good malty middle… that can be enjoyed by IPA drinkers and even many who don’t like IPAs… I make my home brews for me and hope everybody I serve them to enjoys them as much as I do”.

The brewing of LVBW3 marks the beginning of Lehigh Valley Beer Week, a week-long celebration of craft beer in the area. Lehigh Valley Beer Week has grown over the past 3 years to more than 40 participating breweries, bars, distributors, and venues. The week will feature events spotlighting craft beer and it’s effect and influence on the local scene. Events will include tap takeovers, meet-the-brewers events, beer dinners, exclusive tappings and much more. Lehigh Valley Beer Week is February 15th through February 22nd.

Lehigh Valley Beer Week was co-founded and presently organized by president Jesse Albertson. Having shown significant growth over the past 3 years in both venue participation and craft beer events, Albertson said, “The Lehigh Valley is embracing the craft beer movement and we are excited to celebrate alongside them.”

About Lehigh Valley Beer Week

A 501c(6) organization, Lehigh Valley Beer Week is a weeklong celebration of craft beer. Occurring every February, the event highlights the ever-growing influence and passion that craft beer is bringing to the Lehigh Valley. Formed from a contingent of dedicated brewers and bar owners, Lehigh Valley Beer Week plans to unite craft beer lovers in and around the Lehigh Valley.



Lehigh Valley Beer Week

Allentown PA- The second annual Lehigh Valley Beer will run from February16th-February 23rd.

After a successful first year, the organization obtained 510(c)6 status. With even more bars, breweries, and restaurants joining, this year is set to be even better than last year.

Jesse Albertson, president of Lehigh Valley Beer Week, said, “We came together as a unified group of business owners looking to spread our passion for craft beer across the Valley.” The result is a week filled with unique events that highlight and celebrate craft beer. Events include: tap takeovers, beer dinners, bar crawls, rare beer releases, and even a parade.

Lehigh Valley Beer Week will kick off with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works on February 16th. The mayors of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton have been invited with Easton mayor, Sal Panto, confirming. The night will also be the first full release of LVBW2.

LVBW2 is the newly named craft beer produced by John Boncik in collaboration with Fegley’s Brew Works’ brew master Beau Baden. Back in July, Boncik along with 50 other home brewers competed to be Lehigh Valley Beer Week’s “Brewer for a Day.” His Wheat IPA won the competition and he came back to brew his beer at the Allentown Brew Works in January. LVBW2 will be tapped for the opening ceremonies and distributed to bars, restaurants, and distributors across the Lehigh Valley.

For those looking for a list of all upcoming events, Lehigh Valley Beer Week has recently unveiled their brand new website. The website contains all participating breweries and venues as well as all the events going on throughout the week. Albertson said, “Our website is crucial. When you’re driving from place to place, you need to be able to figure out where to go next. We worked hard to make sure our website is the best place for all things Lehigh Valley Beer Week.”

Running an extra day this year, Lehigh Valley Beer Week is set to be a week of events and festivities. From Easton to Allentown and the suburbs, there will be an event for everyone. Albertson and the board hopes to see Lehigh Valley Beer Week bring out more residents and more enthusiasm. “At the end of the day,” Albertson says, “we’re hoping to see this event blossom and become the reason to be in the Valley in February.”

About Lehigh Valley Beer Week

Lehigh Valley Beer Week organizes and supports craft beer enthusiasts, pubs, restaurants, distributors, wholesalers and breweries in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton to celebrate, enjoy and learn about the craft brewing industry of the Lehigh Valley.


The Lehigh Valley’s First Ever Beer Week

Allentown, PA– Brought together by a love of and passion for craft beer, a group of pubs, restaurants and breweries in and around Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton have risen to champion the first ever Lehigh Valley Beer Week. The week will feature a variety of craft beer related events across the Lehigh Valley and will run from February 11th to February 17th.

Jesse Albertson, a local beer enthusiast and current general manager of Fegley’s Brew Works, first formed the idea. He said that, “I saw the success and community of Philly Beer Week and thought, “Why can’t we do this in the Lehigh Valley?”” This thought process led to the creation of Lehigh Valley Beer Week, a week-long celebration of community, friends, and beer.

Jesse met with fellow beer enthusiasts and advocates who jumped at the idea. The current list of participating breweries, pubs, and restaurants is over twenty and continues to grow.

The hallmark of Lehigh Valley Beer Week will be the communication and collaboration of these venues to host a series of craft beer related events. So far, pub takeovers, brew tours, beer tastings, beer dinners, rare beer releases, and a host of other events are already scheduled with more to come.

Lehigh Valley Beer Week

For more information regarding participation, events, and details please contact Lehigh Valley Beer Week at or visit the website

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