Evil Genius

We love craft beer. We drink craft beer. And now, we make craft beer.

In 2008, our founders Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward met in an accounting class at Villanova University. Realizing that their job prospects were grim due to the recession, they decided to follow their passion and start their own brewery.

Their journey took them first to South Bend, Indiana, then to Cooperstown, New York, and finally to Hartford, Connecticut. This exhaustive search landed them a partner who cared as much about craft beer as Luke and Trevor. Today the amazing team at Thomas Hooker Brewing Company works with our founders to craft the highest quality beers possible.

The next step for Evil Genius is to build their own brewery. Right now, Luke and Trevor are searching for locations around Philadelphia. As Evil Genius turns 4 in September, we have you, our customers to thank for helping make this dream a reality


The Evil Genius Team!

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